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2020 Releases


Business intelligence: Our new business intelligence platform has been released replacing the old one.

2019 Releases


Permit dashboard: The permit dashboard can now be filtered by permit type (E.g. stormwater, land use etc), permit grantor and region/zone.


Project compliance reports: Added actions tab showing all project related actions in one place.


Smart form copy button: Create a new smart form by copying the design and attributes of existing smart form.

Smart form response share button: Share a link so that people with access to BraveGen can view a smart form response online and also export it to PDF.

Email compliance updates: Emails to action specific addresses can now change the compliance status by including “Compliant”, “In progress”, “Under review” or “Non compliant” at the beginning of the subject line.

New custom field type: A new link custom field is now available. These fields are for URLs which appear as links and open in new tabs. Handy for referencing documents in external document management systems.


OCR service when importing permits or contracts: BraveGen can now convert your images and PDF documents in to permits or contracts.

Navigation improvements: The left menu now shows all modules that you have access to instead of having to go back to the home page.

Smart form response export to word: Smart form responses can now be exported to Microsoft Word. Useful for when you need to use the contents of a response in other documents or reports you need to create.

Integrate safety data sheets (SDS) with locations: Locations can now have their own library of safety data sheets chosen from your SDS library.

Kiosk safety data sheet library: A locations specific SDS library is now available in the kiosk.


Kiosk library extended: Now you can include site specific document libraries, external contractor document libraries and an all of company document library in the kiosk.

Action history preview: New preview button on actions to quickly review the actions history, comments and attachments.


Permit copy tool: Copy an existing permit / permit template.

Management plan copy tool: Copy an existing management plan / plan template.


Confidential messages: Allow workers to create confidential messages that go to a specific person(s) and leaves now audit trail.

Integrated incidents in to permits: Incidents can now be related to one or more permits and vice versa. When setting a compliance action to non compliant you have the option to create an incident that will be related to that non compliance. When viewing incidents all related permits are shown.

Custom fields: Custom fields you have created for locations can now appear on the permit page. Custom fields for incidents now appear in the incident analysis and IRIS reports.

New user activity reports: See when users last logged in to the web app and the mobile app. Show what version of the BraveGen mobile app a user is using. Show users logged in now.


Mobile daily form button on home page: Specify a particular smart form to open from the home page. For example, a simple set of questions to ask your workers each day.

Permit dashboard enhancements:  2 new charts are available on the permit dashboard including shortcuts to your due and overdue actions.

New start page options: You can now set your start page to be the action and task compliance report or the location compliance report for a specific location.


Smart form register dashboards: Create dashboards that are specific to a particular smart form. For example, deep dive analysis on your site inspections or customer complaint investigations.

Custom fields: Custom fields can now be created for locations and incidents.

Location compliance enhancements: The location compliance report can now show archived permits, the location specific document library and notes can be entered in to the report that will be included in the PDF export.


Mobile task enhancements: Tasks on the mobile app can now include GPS coordinates, photos (and annotations) and voice recordings.

Incident dashboard enhancements: 4 new charts are available on the incident dashboard.


Single sign on (SSO): SSO now available for SAML based authentication (ADFS, Okta, SecureAuth etc).

Smart form cover page design: New placeholders available to add the contents of any form fields on the cover page when exporting the response to PDF.