What is the BraveGen Community?

The BraveGen Community is where BraveGen customers and partners can be part of the conversation. You can ask each other questions about using BraveGen products and industry topics that are important to you. You can get technical help, solve issues, swap ideas and tips and let us know how our software is working out for you.

We want to help you become an expert in BraveGen software, and to give you the opportunity to share your knowledge, build a profile in the BraveGen Community and learn.

The BraveGen Community includes:

  • the Industry Community, where you can ask questions and find answers from your peers and experts in your industry.
  • the BraveGen User Community where you can get support and submit ideas for changes to BraveGen and influence our road map.
  • the BraveGen Developer Community, which is for technical conversations relating to the API, software development and add-on apps.

We’re here to help and we’re always listening and feeding information back through to the BraveGen teams.

Discussion guidelines

To keep this space vibrant we ask that you:

  • use language that’s positive, constructive and shows you’re open to feedback and advice
  • consider your content to make sure your posts have a clear purpose, add value, and help others
  • show respect to each other and our differences – we’re all in this together
  • feel free to let people know your line of business and service when posting, but please avoid promotional advertising – this will be removed
  • be yourself and own your identity – impersonating others isn’t allowed
  • share your ideas for BraveGen product improvements in the BraveGen User Community, not the Industry Community

There’s a discussions team monitoring things in the background, and though you may not hear from us often, we may contact you if things need a bit of direction to keep this space lovely.

By participating, it’s understood you agree to these guidelines.

Other sources of support

  • Use the BraveGen advisor directory and partner website links to find an expert for your business. Please contact them direct by email.
  • Report urgent faults or contact BraveGen support for help through BraveGen Central. When you raise a case with BraveGen support you have the option of sharing your data for more personalised answers.
  • Search across all the support content: Articles, guides, short videos and in-depth courses are right at your finger-tips

Getting started in the BraveGen Community

Anyone is welcome to browse and read what’s posted; however you need a login to post a question or comment on an existing conversation.

Then you’re ready to set up your BraveGen Community profile and get involved. Add your photo, let us know where you are, tell others a bit about yourself, and ask and answer any questions you want. Including a brief bio helps build your credibility and reputation.

Voting for ideas you support

Votes tell us what our community sees as important and helps us prioritise what to work on next. Simply add a ‘+1’ response to things that you support. Add your vote to topics that are tagged as ‘Feature request’.

BraveGen’s participation

We’re here, keeping an eye on the site, reading your posts, taking on board and reporting feedback to the relevant team, and joining conversations where we can offer product or technical help.

We’ll merge duplicate questions, archive discussions about requested features when that functionality has been released, move questions into a different topic if it’s more appropriate, and remove inappropriate or unhelpful posts.

We’ll review the topics and feedback about the community site itself.

Playing nice

The BraveGen Community is reactively moderated. You can login and contribute to the discussion without having to wait for us to clear comments. We encourage everyone to use their real name. You don’t have to but please don’t impersonate anyone else or use their name.

To make it an enjoyable experience for everyone please:

  • only use images that you have ownership or permission to use
  • recognise people’s work when you’re referring to other images or copy
  • don’t post illegal or naughty stuff
  • don’t spam us with advertisements and posts of a commercial nature
  • don’t SHOUT using all caps – words and links to screenshots are just as effective

We reserve the right to remove posts that aren’t in the spirit of community or breach these rules and we encourage you to look after our community too.

In addition to these rules for playing nice, the use of the community is subject to the BraveGen terms of use and the BraveGen privacy policy.

If you have any ideas for improving or questions about the BraveGen Community, please contact us at the BraveGen Support Site